This product is the only product that's worked for me! My arms got even more clear than this! It just RECENTLY started to come back. So I need to apply again.With the exception of that little circle on my calf area, my leg got completely clear. I just need to get rid of that stubborn smaller area. (on Facebook 6.6.2015)



"… I have been suffering form Psoriasis for years, and try to visit the Dead Sea at least twice a year. Recently I have had an appearance of the psoriasis around my ears, I have tried the Psormedicor Premium Skin Care cream and to my astonishment the conditioned bettered in two days. After five days I stopped the psoriasis treatment as there was no need to continue. Unbelievable."
Talya B. 46, 08.10.13

" Dear Mr. G, you are a life saver! my son has been using your cream for years as this was the only remedy for psoriasis that helped him. The use of your cream helped improve his social life and his self esteem. This was true to the old product, but now the new Psormedicor is even better. You are the best."
Rachel. S. son is 21, 02.07.13

"… as a medical doctor I have tested all available products on myself, and took part in many hospital controlled tests along the years. Non have made substantial difference to my psoriasis, until I started using the PsorMedicor. With in a day I felt the difference and since then I use the product periodically."
Dr. I. Weinstein

"Remarkable! I have used the Psormedicor first time about three months ago, on an area behind my ear. Using it for less than a week (5-6days), not sure if this can even be called a treatment :) …. Till today no signs have returned at all!! This is a first for me in as far as I remember my condition. Anyhow since I just recommended this to a friend, I got reminded and have decided to write this mail…."
Dian S. 67, 01.29.14

"I have a before and after photo for you.... My arms look even better now too!, the Body Cream was good too.... I had a CONTINUOUS problem. it NEVER went away."
Shawandra, CA, 06.30.14

"Hi ! I tried the sample you sent me and to be honest with you this realy Works like you said in the instructions I tried it in a small area and it did work .thank you.... Thank you have a good day God bless you."
Oscar, TX, 10.07.14

"I have been using the Ornit few years ago, and this was the only product that has ever helped me. But it was away from the market for some time. I now learned that the Psormedicor Premium is the updated ceam from the same home. I imediatly ordered the Premium "green cream" and the Body Cream. there is noting like it :)
Alon.G, IL, 06.03.15