EVALUATION  PsorMedicor psoriasis treatment 

“….. will comment on one of those complementary treatments which I used in patients with mild to severe psoriasis, who were unwilling to use any topical steroid cream or other systemic therapies. Those observations do not constitute any scientific study, either open trial or controlled with placebo, but rather patients’ remarks on the application of the “PsorMedicor Formula”.

The Formula is comprised of a rejuvenating serum, a premium psoriatic skin care cream and a body cream. Eight patients were instructed to use the Premium cream at night and the Rejuvenating Cream during the day for 15 days (up to 21 days if needed), and then change to Body Cream for maintenance. During the treatment, an initial evaluation was performed and a final one after 15 days of treatment.

In addition to the observations reported in the table below patients reported immediate relief within the first few days. Based on these results and patients’ feedback I can recommend PsorMedicor for the treatment of psoriasis.

Hospital for Skin and Venereal Diseases –

Ippokratio General Hospital GREECE   05.27.2020

As a General Doctor-Plastic Surgeon I have been testing the last two years the Psormedicor products to patients who suffer from psoriasis and found out that the improvement of psoriatic lesions of the skin is apparent and rapid in 7-10 days.

In comparison with others products the Psormedicor products surpass apparently.

I undoubtedly recommend them.

Dr. Doumas Ath

General Doctor- Plastic Surgeon

Athens Greece      05.5.2020

To Psormedicor είναι η μόνη θεραπεία από την οποία είδα αποτελέσματα στην ψωρίαση, τα συμπτώματα εξαφανiστηκαν εντελώς σε πρώτη φασά μετά το πέρας της θεραπείας 15 ήμερων.

Μετα από αρκετό διάστημα η επανεμφάνιση των συμπτωμάτων ηταν αρκετά πιο ήπια και ευελπιστώ οτι με το Psomedicor θα απαλλαγώ από την ψωρίαση !!! 

Ευχαριστώ αυτούς που μου το σύστησαν.  MARIOS  Χ. CUPRUS   Email at 1.8.21

Related to the PsorMedicor treatment.

I am suffering of psoriasis for more than 10 years consecutively of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.All treatments prescribed by dermatologist failed to cure or reduce the disease.I have tested the PsorMedicor treatment according to the instructions for use and get immediately positive effects.I strongly recommend to all persons suffering of psoriasis to test and use the PsorMedicor.

Bernard Daurelle France     O9.09.2020

"After my psoriasis started to spread all over my body a couple of years ago I was looking for some treatment. Fortunately I found PsorMedicor.I have been using the PsorMedicor Premium for few years now, and this is the only product that has helped me. Only occasional use keeps the disease away from me :-)".

Vit Herman,Czech Republic 10.10.2020

I use the Psor-medicor ointment for more than five years. It improved my whole situation : not only reduced dramatically the wounds, but also as a result also improved the mood and the well-being.Before the ointment I was always afraid that the wounds will appear on my face without any chance to hide it or diminish it, but with the Psor medicor I finally could control the psoriasis and even demolish it completely by repeated using the ointment.

Avner Cohen Israel  10.17.2020

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional work you have done for Psormedicor Series products. Based on that work, I enthusiastically recommend Psrmedicor solution as an effective partner of management psoriasis symptoms

For each of these products, listened intently to the position requirements and promptly found a number of highly qualified candidates. Your team provided thorough background research and did not waste our time with unqualified but with fast 0effective results. Each of these three products has a special position was completed in a timely manner and the successful candidates have proven to be high caliber contributors to my efforts to find solution

Psormedicor premium helps me to see the improvement in ten days .After with Psormedicor serum I started to see the removal of dead cells and and thanks to Allantoin(active ingredient on this product) my skin became soft. Now I use the Psormedicor body cream for hydration..



As a medical doctor who is also a psoriasis patient, over the years I have tried many products and treatments, and to-date have seen only moderate relief.I am happy to share that recently I have tested the Psormedicor Premium Skin Care cream for psoriasis in combination with the Psormedicor Serum.I have used these products for 15 days and the results are unique and much better than any product I have tested on myself till now.

Since than I have recommended this treatment to patients and friends


Professor gynecologic of HOSPITAL   11.10.2019

Psormedicor products are unique with fast results Compare with all the previous products that I have used ,are the only which helps me to see results after one week…

I am a nurse who is also a psoriasis patient


Nurse of HOSPITAL   09.17.2019


  Before                           After

Truly the Best treatment for psoriasis I've ever tried!The results were immediate and it went relievingly as promised! I really thank you for that!

On Facebook Christina D.  05.27.2020

This product is amazing. Truly and immediate results. Trust it, totally worth it!!

On Facebook Stergios k    05.26.2020

Très bons produits. Résultats visible rapidement. Je recommande

On Facebook Cathy France  05.24.2020

PsorMedicor products for psoriasis realy helps. Try and see for yourself.

On Facebook Ana M. Serbia   05.25.2020

Psormedicor products really helps. It’s worth trying..

On Facebook John S. 05.23.2020

ehr gutte producten kann ich stark empfehlen

On Facebook George German  05.24.2020

This product is the only product that's worked for me! My arms got even more clear than this! It just RECENTLY started to come back. So I need to apply again.With the exception of that little circle on my calf area, my leg got completely clear. I just need to get rid of that stubborn smaller area. (on Facebook 6.6.2015)



"… I have been suffering form Psoriasis for years, and try to visit the Dead Sea at least twice a year. Recently I have had an appearance of the psoriasis around my ears, I have tried the Psormedicor Premium Skin Care cream and to my astonishment the conditioned bettered in two days. After five days I stopped the psoriasis treatment as there was no need to continue. Unbelievable."
Talya B. 46, 08.10.13

" Dear Mr. G, you are a life saver! my son has been using your cream for years as this was the only remedy for psoriasis that helped him. The use of your cream helped improve his social life and his self esteem. This was true to the old product, but now the new Psormedicor is even better. You are the best."
Rachel. S. son is 21, 02.07.13

"… as a medical doctor I have tested all available products on myself, and took part in many hospital controlled tests along the years. Non have made substantial difference to my psoriasis, until I started using the PsorMedicor. With in a day I felt the difference and since then I use the product periodically."
Dr. I. Weinstein

"Remarkable! I have used the Psormedicor first time about three months ago, on an area behind my ear. Using it for less than a week (5-6days), not sure if this can even be called a treatment :) …. Till today no signs have returned at all!! This is a first for me in as far as I remember my condition. Anyhow since I just recommended this to a friend, I got reminded and have decided to write this mail…."
Dian S. 67, 01.29.14

"I have a before and after photo for you.... My arms look even better now too!, the Body Cream was good too.... I had a CONTINUOUS problem. it NEVER went away."
Shawandra, CA, 06.30.14

"Hi ! I tried the sample you sent me and to be honest with you this realy Works like you said in the instructions I tried it in a small area and it did work .thank you.... Thank you have a good day God bless you."
Oscar, TX, 10.07.14

"I have been using the Ornit few years ago, and this was the only product that has ever helped me. But it was away from the market for some time. I now learned that the Psormedicor Premium is the updated ceam from the same home. I imediatly ordered the Premium "green cream" and the Body Cream. there is noting like it :)
Alon.G, IL, 06.03.15