About Us

At Nightingale we are focusing on locating the products that will provide our clients with best results.

Our main objective is to design, produce and market dermatological products, introduce such products to dermatologists , and promote products via the Pharmaceutical distribution channels.

NTGL founded the "R&D Dermocosmetics Department", and partnered with European Universities to study and assess NTGL products, as well as to share information and new data that refer our clients. .


- Continuously improve the quality of products and services.

- Aggressively pursue innovations that will improve our friends and clients health and life quality.


We at Nightingale have taken the mission to locate and introduce the world’s best solution for Psoriasis sufferers.

Out of personal knowledge and experience, we appreciate the hardship our friends are experiencing.

Our mission has taken us through numerous products and solutions around the world. From injections, tablets, steroid based products and many more….

But then we found a product composed of the unique attributes:

  • Fast results !

  • Effective to all !

  • External topical use !

  • No Cortisone !

  • No Steroids !

  • Prolongs the period between symptom eruptions

  • Leading to - IMPROVED LIFE QUALITY !!

We are proud to declare that PsorMedicor product-line has assisted many people in bettering and reducing the psoriasis symptoms, and in improved the life quality to men and women of any age.


Make the difference in the daily lives of people by providing them with quality products.


We are committed to meeting the needs of today’s consumer and bringing continued innovation to all of our brands and products. We are dedicated to the creation of quality personal and healthcare products that you can use with confidence during every stage of life.

Now, with the acquisition of the PSORMEDICOR brand of products, we are excited to branch out into the psoriasis treatment market. We hope to be able to expand the offering of products through innovation, increase distribution of the existing products and help bring relief options.