Dear Distributor,

Thanks you for your interest, we may be looking for distribution channels in your geographical vicinity.

We at Nightingale are aiming at bringing forward unique and outstanding products.
We are aware that our target markets are busy.

That is why we are looking for the right Distribution Partners that we could go hand in hand for long years.

  • If you are in good market position in your territory? With viable sales in Pharmacies and/or Dermatologists.
  • If you are with hand-on approach to business.
  • If you are interested to hear of our unique selling proposition.

We offer:

  • A proven product success.
  • Long client satisfaction history and NEW vision.
  • Long-term support.

Most important –
PsorMedicor is the only non-drug product that can guarantee Psoriasis symptoms reduction to 100% of patients within days.

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